2023 JCK Las Vegas Special Issue

Don't miss this out.


Are you looking to make a lasting impact at the prestigious JCK event and stand out from your competitors? We have just the opportunity for you! Canadian Jeweller Magazine is excited to announce our special JCK issue, and we want you to be a part of it.

JCK SPECIAL Digital Issue

Canadian Jeweller Magazine is an undeniable leader in the digital realm, with our comprehensive and entertaining digital version. Connect directly with the marketplace and do business with a click.

Have access to live chat with brands, view their interactive catalogue and book your order in the comfort of your desk.

CJ Print and/or

Digital Advertising

It takes an unrelenting effort to keep a brand or service fresh and relevant to the jewellery retailer buyers, distributors, and manufacturers who have been reading Canadian Jeweller Magazine generation after generation. Our investment in the industry has helped create the recognition, credibility and trust which defines Canadian Jeweller Magazine to boost your sales, introduce new products and maintain your market shares. As a result of this, Canadian Jeweller Magazine is in every jeweller’s DNA.

Simply put, there is no substitute to Canadian Jeweller Magazine

Canadian Jeweller Magazine's advertising power.

SEO with CJ Digital Marketing Department

Jewellery & Watch Specialized SEO

Our SEO experts will develop and implement customized strategies to bring in more calls, boost

sales and increase brand visibility:

• More traffic & more leads.

• Customized SEO campaign.

• Powerful, effective and transparent SEO services that deliver.

• Detailed reporting.

Social Media Management

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